A consultation with Prakash can be very transforming.

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Australian National University); Diplomas in Herbalism & Nutrition (Queensland Institute of Natural Science), and he has studied Herbalism and Homeopathy (Dorothy Hall and Kim Dudley College). Prakash is also a certified, approved and experienced herbalist, Ayurveda, and Rayid practitioner.

By combining an assessment of your Iris with Rayid Birth Order and Family Tree Healing, Prakash will guide you towards freeing yourself from inherited genetic influences that may be stopping you from living to your full potential. He can also help you switch on your positive potential stored in the genes.

Learn the lessons and health challenges you may be experiencing in your life journey and face the world with self awareness and understanding.


Treatment Options

Physical symptoms:

- Specific herbs, minerals and diet advice. 

- Awareness of the precise beliefs and concerns that create a specific physical symptom.

Mental and Emotional concerns:

- Mood appraisal questionnaire, Neurotransmitters, Flower essences, Personal guided relaxation  recording to use as needed, Personal herbal prescription.

Family and Genetic patterns:

- Awareness of exactly how your grandparents and great grandparents transfer genetic code to each different grandchild in a family. 

- How to deal with repetitive family emotional and physical health patterns. 

- Understanding and assisting financial and relationship difficulties.

- Understanding and assisting your childrens development.

_ Understanding how to prevent serious conditions related to your genetic inheritance.

Prakash in France