While Ayurveda uses many non-verbal diagnostics, Tongue Diagnosis - Jihwa Pareeksha, is one of the easiest techniques that I have found to be enormously useful in my clinic. This 6 hour intensive is for anyone who is in health management of any kind. Easy and fast to learn, Ayurvedic tongue diagnose will give you a powerful and valuable tool to understand the underlying pathology so that you can use more precise techniques from your skill-box! I want to share my 20+ years' experience in Tongue analysis with you. I will cover the following topics in this 6 hour intensive. 
Here is what we are going to do on that day.
  1. 30 mins Intro to Tongue Analysis
  2. 60 mins Etio-pathology for Tongue analysis
  3. 60 mins Tongue Map, Alignment, Coat, Colour, Edges, Marks
  4. 60 mins Movements, Shape, Surface, Texture & Thickness
  5. 30 mins Demonstration
  6. 60 mins Examples and exercise
  7. 60 mins Clinical applications & Certification
Sat the 15th February
0930 am until 0500pm
2 Cockle St O'Connor
Will be emailed
soon after you pay


Rama's Ayurveda Tongue diagnosis gave me subtle skills and now my assessment is far more precise! 
JC, Osteopath, Sydney
There are three aspects to a client. The actual disease, how the client experience is and how they edit and interpret it. Tongue analysis helps me see the actual disease. It removes most of my speculation now! 
MM, Naturopath, Melbourne
Ayurveda Tongue diagnosis is very similar to Iridology, a lot easier thats all. I love it. 
CJ, Herbalist, Sydney


Prakash Snare 
0413 088 969 - Website
Dr Rama Prasad
0425 233 426 - Email


$30 Discount until the
31st of January 2014
Canberra Tongue Diagnosis
A$149.00 A$119.00
Dr Rama Prasad is an international presenter and practitioner for over 20 years.
He lives in Cairns and travels half the month.

Rayid system Seminars

Denny Johnson, the founder of Rayid, is currently in Australia to share his latest insights. For the first time in many years he is also teaching the basics of Birth Order and Iris. He is currently in Armidale for 2 weeks until the end of March 2013, then he will be in the Brisbane/Kingaroy area before returning to Canberra/Queanbeyan around the 12th April for several weeks. If you are interested in a consultation or attending a seminar with Denny please contact me on 0413088969.

I am also available to teach Rayid seminars:

The Rayid system accurately describes how each of us is living our lives according to our birth 0rder in our family and the genetic imprint we have received from our 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents. This knowledge is a treasure that increases awareness of the genetic forces in your life. One can then amend negative patterns that may have lead to accidents  or illness and increase the positive genes to activate your inherited gifts and qualities.    

Topics to be included:

Birth Order:
- the meaning and significance of the 6 different types of boys and 6 girls in a family.
- how to determine your birth order in a mixed family.
- the relationships between different siblings and of the siblings to each parent.

Recent scientific research on how genes affect our life by a Japanese Phd. scientist.
Your mother and your father and their significance for your health and life journey.

- the significance to you  of your 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents in terms of health    and  your life journey.

Your health:
- the origins of any accident, illness and significant life event such as a broken heart or financial reversal.
- discussion of the genetic origen of some common health conditions.

Why many eldest girls in Australia are experiencing depression and devastating health conditions.

How to increase love in your life.
How to increase prosperity in your life.
(And why both these happen to heal your heart at the same time !)

The two main types of eye patterns: 
-their health patterns.
-their life lessons.
-how you tend to automatically create attraction to your opposite iris type.
-your partner and relationship-(if time permits).

A short introductory consultation in the group of willing participants to activate the knowledge in a personal way.

Seminar Facilitator:
Prakash Snare B.Sc. Herbalist , Iridologist, Rayid practitioner and teacher, ATMS member.

Bachelor of Science (1984) , Australian National University, Canberra

Cathay Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Course (current)
Rayid Practitioner and Teacher (Approved by Denny Johnston) (2006)
Certificate of Ayurveda (Rama Prasad) (2004 and 2007)
Diploma of Herbalism and Homeopathy, Kim Dudley School of Herbal Medicine (2002)
Diploma of Herbalism, Dorothy Hall College (1995)
Diploma of Herbalism (QINS) 1984
Diploma of Dietetics and Nutrition QINS (1983)
Apprenticeship in TCM (herbalism and diagnostics) over 17 years with Yuan Feng, Canberra.

Workplace Training:
Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment (2008)
Next seminar:
Denny Johnson

Sat 13th April 2013
Sun 14th April 2013

9.30 am to 5.30pm
Venue: Ingelara Retreat Centre Monaro Highway between Canberra and Cooma.

Suggested payment
$200- $300 depending on your level of prosperity.

0413 088 969