Consultation with Prakash is transforming.
With a Bachelor of Science (A.N.U) and diplomas in Herbalism & Nutrition (Q.I.N.S); Herbalism and Homeopathy (Dorothy Hall & Kim Dudley College), Prakash is a certified, approved and experienced herbalist, Ayurveda and Rayid practitioner. Combining Iridology with Rayid Birth Order and Family Tree Healing, Prakash will guide you towards freeing yourself from limiting belief patterns and genetic influences that may be stopping you from living to your full potential. He will help you switch on your positive potential stored in the genes. 

Your body and your life events are designed as a bio- feedback  mechanism to let you know how you are going and what changes you could implement to receive better bio- feedback. Each physical illness has precise beliefs that are linked to it. It is empowering to know what are the likely beliefs and patterns that are contributing to your health challenges.

I assist you to learn the lessons of your health challenges you may be experiencing in your life journey. This helps you to live with self awareness, wisdom and understanding.