Went to Sydney with friends Yoga (Cosmo) Manas and John (Cosmic Frank) for an Enneagram weekend with Lawrence Grasiose from U.S.A. Have been meaning to study this for 25 years ever since getting interested in Gurdjieff. Some may say I procrastinate but I prefer to say I am very patient-except for waiting in lines.
Lawrence is a teacher of great clarity, humour and passion. He has a background of Zen Buddhism, Sufism and Native U.S Indian tradition. He favours a question and answer approach to seminars while keeping the theme of the weekend in mind. I realized how much I miss this 'Satsang' that I experienced with Swami Ackandananda in the early 1980's at Mangrove Mountain Ashram. 
Over the weekend one gains an understanding of the Enneagram in a non linear fashion -which is just how I learned Rayid from Denny Johnson. I completed 2 questionnaires before the weekend and got that I was a #9 the first time and #5 the second time. During the weekend Lawrence asked John on a scale of 0-100 how certain was he that he does #5. John replied 100%. The next day Lawrence said that he did not see #5 in John at all but did see #9. #9's tend to deny their own needs and when asked ''What do you want to do ? ' may reply  'What do you want to do?''. This got me thinking that maybe I'm the same-that I was a #9. However at the very end of the seminar Cosmo and John were talking to Lawrence . I joined them and said that maybe I was the same as John. Lawrence replied that he thought I did indeed do #5. It was a great way to end the weekend-going home knowing my number. The #5 is a seeker of  knowledge but may use this as a defence against engaging in life -particularly emotionally.
Lawrence uses the word 'do' in reference to your number rather than you ''are'' the number. This is because the Enneagram refers to your 'ego robot' that behaves in predictable ways according to the number it is 'doing'. The great thing about the Enneagram is that by being aware of one's ego robot reactions one can wake up and begin to be aware of the automatic reactions and not buy into them and create misery for oneself and others. I highly recommend studying the Enneagram- but not waiting 25 years!