We love eldest girls in Rayid even though over the years we have witnessed a few 'tiffs' between them and Denny Johnson. Denny has a healthy respect for eldest girl but is brave enough to challenge some of her patterns. This strong nurturing woman has strong symbols such as rock, minerals, crystals, gemstones, mountain, mother bear, mother elephant. Minerals because she is the foundation of life just as the minerals feed the plants which feed people. The bear protects the young and the elephant nurtures with an excellent memory. Number one girl has a strong sense of who she is, nurtures the young and remembers anniversaries with her crystalline strong expressive mind. She thinks and expresses her mind in words to others. Hence she may become an excellent teacher.    

Denny has explained why many eldest girls in Australia and in the world experience a dramatic transformation in their lives.I have summarised the  reasons why many eldest girls lose their strong sense of identity and go on an inward journey of sadness, chronic fatigue and loss of identity in an article called 'Why the Mountain Falls'. The relationship with the father is a key reason but there are trans-generational genetic forces as well. 
During this recent trip Denny has described this journey in a new way for me. The eldest girl going inward inward is symbolized by an elephant under the water. Water is feelings and the the strong minded number one girl often, gradually or dramatically, moves away from mental certainty of her identity and opinions into a feeling of sadness. The elephant under water can be symbolized by the whale under water in the ocean. She may become interested in marine sciences, submarines, fishing etc.Interestingly the ocean which receives the rivers is a symbol for the receiving of assistance and love from others. This is usually difficult for #1 Girl and yet one of the main lessons for her. If she does learn to let go being in charge and receive then her life tends to be easier and her health tends to improve.