Dear Blog Followers,
Just to let you know that I have left working for the Man and am now full time teaching and consulting in herbalism, Rayid and other essential knowledge. Of course I am working on my golf swing too , which is a never ending work in progress. Nevertheless I have made significant progress and can now hit a right to left draw at will. (Not quite like Bubba Watson though !-great win at the masters .)
Next week I'll be heading to Albury to give a talk on Rayid before driving with my Yoga and Rayid soul brother Yogamanas to contribute to a Rayid retreat at Moora Moora Community, Healesville. During May and June I'll be teaching a 5 week course on traditional herbalism in Melbourne, which will be very enjoyable for all. Now that I have more time I'll be adding information to the website and blogging more regularly-stay tuned.
I was recently fortunate to attend an afternoon seminar with Rama Prasad at Gosford on the 5 elements of Ayurveda. This powerful knowledge deserves a blog post and I shall oblige. Rama has recently moved to Cairns  but luckily for us he likes to travel and we shall continue to benefit from his amazing knowledge in various cities.