From the pupil border out to the periphery of the iris a number of circular patterns may be observed. A common pattern at the perimeter is called the ring of harmony in Rayid or the lymphatic rosary in iridology. It is formed by white, yellow or brown circular 'clouds'.

This pattern indicates caring, empathy and compassion for others and the environment. Denny Johnson refers to this pattern as creating 'God's social workers'. They are often there for everyone , take on other's unhappiness but neglect their own needs. They tend to keep busy and may not get enough rest to recharge their energy. Physically it indicates a need to look after the immune system. It relates to the thyroid gland, the throat area, the tonsils, the lymphatic system and the glands.
Recently I have been studying the 6 tissue states that Matthew Wood teaches. Recently I found the following information in the state called 'Damp stagnation' in an article by Matt.
 ' Damp/Stagnation. This is a second kind of dampness, in which the fluids do not run off, but get stagnant and build up in the tissues. When fluids build up they tend to precipitate into mucopolysaccharides, which gum up the internal works. These were called “humors” in the old days. Also, undelivered food and waste materials build up in the fluids, causing what used to be called “bad blood” or “toxic blood.” The liver is overworked, the channels of elimination are stressed to carry off the toxins, leading to skin eruptions and lesions, and the thyroid is usually low – hence a low metabolism, too low to move the fluids and burn off the toxins and consume all the food. “Bad blood” is treated with the alteratives or blood cleansers such as dandelion, burdock, Oregon grape root, red clover, nettles, yellow dock root, black walnut, and the laxatives, such as yellow dock, rhubarb, cascara sagrada, black walnut, and butternut. Blackened hulls of black walnut are a superlative remedy for hypothyroidism – I learned this from herbalist Phyllis Light, of Arab, AL'.

 This has added to my understanding of the physiology of the harmony pattern. Matt links the pattern with the thyroid gland with a good explanation. As the rubbish accumulates the immune system becomes vulnerable. Infections colds and flu tend to clean the body with fever and 'runny nose'. I've learned from Rama Prasad that jogging is one of the best ways to clean the  lymph because the jarring, the bobbing up and down against gravity and the heat created all help to move and detoxify the lymph.

It's great when you get a new piece of the puzzle! I'll be adding to this blog as I link the damp stagnation state with this Iris pattern. There seems to be a correlation with the phlegmatic humor, Kapha types (ayurveda) and the harmony pattern which will be fun to explore. Anyway just about time for a jog !!

Actually I couldn't resist connecting the phlegmatic type with the harmony pattern. This description, by the homeopath David Little, of the phegmatic just about reads as a description of the harmony pattern !

'The water element is related to the emotional sensitivity and gives a person an ability to have deep feeling tones. This is why the phlegmatic temperament is psychic, sympathetic, mediumistic, and empathetic. When they are in "pleasant humour" they are imaginative, sensitive, artistic, romantic, sentimental and sympathetic. They are gentle, sweet, mild, and timid and have a receptive, yielding disposition with a tendency to try to please everyone'.  

Of course not everyone with a harmony pattern will be a phlegmatic type but I like this explanation of the water element being the mechanism for the sympathetic, empathetic nature of the harmony pattern.  
I think I've put off the jogging long enough....
Look what I just found !!
 'The phlegmatic constitution has a round face, soft features, and deep watery eyes that swim with emotion. The sclera and the iris of their eyes often have grayish white spots and the iris may show a white ring around its outer edge. This ring like effect is called a lymphatic rosary in iridology'.
-David Little 

Anyway It's too cold to jog.........sorry Rama.