I've been talking with Denny Johnson, founder of Rayid, every day the last week and a half. It has been amazing to see him do consultations. His ability to describe a person's life from a brief glance at the iris and by asking the Birth Order is astounding. 
Twelve of us enjoyed a retreat at Pete and Gini's property ,Ingelara, on the way to Cooma. Denny got us into some body work , read everyone's iris and talked about their Birth Order and shared his knowledge and humour with the group.
It has been a time of accelerated learning for me-consolidating my understanding of Rayid and adding new insights. We have talked about the Ring of Harmony nearly every day.
This pattern is a genetic indicator linked to Father's Mother's Mother (MFF), known as 5 girl. Her area is the thyroid, throat, glands (including the tonsils) and the immune system. The immune system is everywhere in the body just as 5 girl represents global awareness and concerns. For example 5 girl is interested in the environment, the planet, other cultures and religions. Number 5 girl would like the world to be one unified happy family and tends to be disappointed when her idealistic expectations are not met. A man or woman with a Harmony pattern can even become angry at the state of the world because it does not meet the expectations. Or a person goes into sadness at the state of the environment or the world. What Denny has taught is that the immune system is directed by our feelings. The disappointment, anger, bitterness, sadness at the state of the world then directs the immune system to attack a particular area of the body. Obviously any problem with the throat or thyroid gland or tonsils is a 5 girl immune problem. However each different emotion may cause the immune system to attack a different place in the body. The 'justified' anger at the state of the environment causes the immune system to attack/inflame the liver, sadness may result in a lung problem. Problems with the 5 girl immune system can manifest as allergies, IBS, coeliac disease, Crohn's disease etc. There may have been a genetic tendency to these conditions because of a problem with MFF but our own anger, disappointment etc then activates the medical condition. The feeling that heals the immune system is peace, which is like pure water to feed the immune system. The feeling of peace is created by acceptance of life, and of the way he world is. Anger at the world is non acceptance leading to agitation of the water (feelings) which agitates the immune system. The next blog will be about how the current anger or disappointment, which seems to be justified, actually relates to the original genetic cause of the immune system problem 3 generations ago.