Prakash is a certified, approved and experienced Herbalist, Ayurveda and Rayid practitioner:

Dear Reader,

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (A.N.U) and diplomas in Herbalism & Nutrition (Q.I.N.S); Herbalism (Dorothy Hall College) and Homeopathy ( Kim Dudley College). 

I have practised herbal medicine for just over 20 years. After graduating from the Dorothy Hall School of Herbal Medicine I commenced practise with a highly qualified and skilled Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner in 1995. This partnership is ongoing and has been a source of great learning and discovery. It has facilitated a fusion of Western herbal medicine with the principles of TCM to form a powerful system of diagnosis and treatment of clients. 

In 2001 I met Denny Johnson and have studied the Rayid system under his guidance ever since. After 5-6 years of training I was officially appointed as a Rayid teacher and practitioner by Denny. I have conducted many Rayid seminars in different cities , teaching this incredibly accurate system of birth order and Rayd Iris to health practitioners  and the public.

 Another important teacher on my journey has been Rama Prasad with whom I have twice completed the one year certificate in Ayurveda. Rama has taught me valuable skills such as Ayurvedic tongue diagnosis and the understanding of the 3 doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In particular he has revived the ancient knowledge of how the doshas are comprised on the five elements of Ether, Air, Fire , Water and Earth.This knowledge is a wonderful gift and  has enabled me to understand my clients on a fundamental level and prescribe with greater accuracy.

I have attended a series of seminars with Matthew Wood from U.S.A since 2004 in Canberra and one long seminar with Julia Graves and Matt Wood in France in 2010. Matt's 6 tissue state model has given western herbal medicine a comprehensive energetic foundation which can be accurately applied to find suitable remedies for clients.  

I'm currently working at the Hierophant shop in Griffith and one of the teachers of a 3 year  Herbal Medicine Advanced Diploma course at Om Shanti College . We have completed 2 modules and the third is just about to start. The teaching has been a great opportunity to collate the knowledge I have been taught over the last 30 years from my teachers.  If you are interested in a lecture or seminar please contact me on 0413088969,

yours in health and healing ,