What is Rayid?

Rayid is an original and unique system of eye diagnosis, personality assessment and gentle, personal guidance.

Denny Johnson, Colorado U.S.A, discovered and worked with it over the last 30 years. He formulated his eye diagnosis system and then discovered the amazing system of family birth order later. At the time, Denny had no awareness of any other system of iris diagnosis. He obtained his knowledge from looking at slides of eyes, for many years, and through intuitive insights about the meaning of the different signs in the eyes.

The accuracy of his work has been consistently verified over the last 25 years and in the last five years, it has come to light that the two systems, combined, form one holistic system.

Together, they act like a personal user-manual for your life. The Rayid system is researched globally, in several universities, and Denny has been travelling around the world, over the last 20 years, teaching and giving over 50,000 consultations.

Why have a Rayid consultation?

You are already living out the Rayid system, you're just not aware of it.

The consultation gives you awareness of how you are doing this to improve your health, better understand yourself and your family, understand your life-path, prevent illness and accidents – like removing obstacles on a road before you hit them, better understand your relationships, help with parenting and teaching of children, enhance the health of your children and grandchildren, resolve family feuds and difficulties, and modify any family patterns which seem to recur from generation to generation

What happens in consultations?
  • discussion of your current life, health and goals;
  • discovering what your birth position in the family means;
  • understanding your left-brain, right-brain qualities;
  • learning about your eye structure – four main types – thinking, emotional, body-aware, dynamic;
  • discussion of the meaning of different positions in your eye;
  • the meaning of your accidents and illness;
  • understanding your life-path and the 12 life lessons that go with each birth position;
  • learning about the genetic effects on you of the family tree;
  • the significance of your current age for your health and life journey;
  • guided meditations with music to enhance positive qualities and clear negative patterns;
  • prescribing of herbs based on the individual and family patterns;
  • homework!

Combining Iridology with Rayid Birth Order and Family Tree Healing, a consultation will guide you towards freeing yourself from ancestral influences that may be stopping you from living to your full potential. You gain knowledge to help you switch on your positive potential stored in the genes.

Learn the lessons and health challenges you may be experiencing in your life journey and face the world with self awareness and understanding.


Father's side of family
Right side of body


Mother's side of family
Left side of body