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As we move from the pupil to the perimeter of the iris a number of circular patterns may be observed:

-The perimeter of the pupil to the ANW: This is the mental body of the person, thinking, extrovert or private.

-The autonomic nerve wreath (ANW), collarette, Ring of expression. This denotes the beginning of the feeling body. The ANW indicates extrovert feelings or contained, more private feelings. The shape of the ANW indicates a peaceful nervous system or agitated nerve system.

-The body of the iris is the physical body-the closeness and integrity of the fibres indicates the level to which the body can store nutrients and energy in the body, muscles and ligaments. For example a Stream iris indicates a person who stores energy. A Flower iris usually indicates a person who expresses energy rather than store it.

-Within the body of the iris may be observed concentric circles, called nerve rings, anxiety rings or in Rayid Freedom rings. These indicate mental chatter, a desire to accomplish and achieve in life and someone who is likely to break with traditional family or society patterns. These rings indicate a reformer who embraces a new pathway. For example they are common in children of traditional families who are born in a western context and are pionerring a new way of being for that family. For example the first one to go to University, the first to marry outside of the traditional context etc. These rings act like an amplifier of a jewel or flower iris. If the iris has Jewels and Freedom rings then the words are sped up and the person has the gift of talking and thinking rapidly like a stand up comedian or rap artist for example. If the Iris has Flowers and Freedom rings then the visual communication of the Flower is increased and they may like to be seen while in motion as dancers or actors/actresses. If a Stream iris has Freedom circles then there will be a conflict between holding onto tradition, storing , keeping and embracing change, newness, releasing and giving away. Hence the concentric rings add Shaker qualities to the iris and the individual.

-Just inside the periphery of the Iris may be observed white cloudy areas that usually can be seen all around the periphery if this pattern is present. This is called the Ring of Harmony in Rayid or the lymphatic rosary in tradtional iridology. This pattern relates to the immune system, the lymphatic system and particularly the throat area. There is a possibility of swollen throat glands, tonsils or thyroid difficulty at some stage of life. These people have trouble with boundaries just as the immune system relates to defending self and not self. The inability of to respect one's own time and energy, ones own needs from those of others can lead to suppression of the immune system. For example footballers who play injured for the sake of the team may develop arthritis later in life- an immune condition of the bones (Of course the placing of ice on injuries helps to develop arthritis by slowing down the flow of blood and life force in that area !). The harmony pattern types are called God's social workers because they seem ever ready to try to improve the state of life anf the world. Their awareness is global, hence assisting people from other nations and cultures and a likely interest in the environment. These people have empathy and compassion for others and actually sometimes take on the pain of others. If someone in a room is having a bad day emotionally a person with a Harmony Pattern will often unconsciously take on this energy. Strangers may tell their story to this type and leave feeling much better while the Harmony Pattern type feels exhausted. These people are learning to value themselves , to say 'No' when tired, to rejuvenate their energy by relaxation practises. They benefit from singing, laughter, massage and jogging to move the lymph. One of the main lessons of this pattern is to  accept life the way it is rather than exhausting oneself trying to create Utopia. It is good to improve situations but not from a basis of agitation , non acceptance and exhaustion.

-At the very perimeter of the iris may be 2 rings:

-The ring of Certainty or Determination which relates to the pituitary gland. This is a white band around the perimeter of the eye. These people are certain of their views and do not easily or lightly change them. They  can be good leaders when in balance or dogmatic when out of balance.

  -The ring of  Purpose which relates to the pineal gland . This is a blue circle on the perimeter of the iris. These people may be open to new ideas, to inspirational insights, dreams and visions. They live in a conceptual world and may not put their ideas into action.  They may have cold hands and feet as this ring is formed from absence of fibres at the periphery of the iris. They feel they have a special purpose in life but wait and wait rather than take concrete steps to actualize their plans.

More Complete Information on the Rings:

The Ring of Harmony

Called the lymphatic rosary in iridology and is a pattern of soft, cloudy white/yellow/or brown dots around the periphery of the iris.

Physical Description:

Lymphatic Rosary

The Lymph Glands have eight functions. These functions are (1) Neutralizing toxins and poisons, (2) Returning water from tissues to the blood, (3) Returning leaked protein to the blood, (4) Transporting fats in the body, (5) Transporting hormones by the Lymph System, (6) Destructs foreign bacteria (7) Produces antibodies and (8) Makes up the largest content of fluid in the body; carries more waste than the blood.

In chemical characteristics, the Lymph resembles blood plasma. In fact, it has been described as blood without its red corpuscles. Lymph is necessary as an intermediary substance between blood and tissue. It bathes every active tissue of the body and it is believed to have its origin partly in the blood and partly in the tissues. Lymph may be considered the middle man in the transactions between blood and tissues. The Lymphatic System, in contrast to the blood circulatory system, follows a one-way network of vessels and arteries that empty eventually into ducts in the internal jugular and subclavian veins. Lymph fluid and lymphocytes are constantly being moved into the bloodstream to carry out their functions. The lymph returns fluid and proteins to the blood, while lymphocytes take part in the formation of antibodies and play an important role in the body's natural Immune System. In particular, Lymph Nodes, ranging from the size of a ball-point pen tip to the size of a bean, filter pathogenic microorganisms and foreign particles from the Lymph and eject them as waste matter from the body.

The Lymph System has no pumping mechanism. Movement of Lymph Fluids that return liquid and wastes to the blood is carried out by the following six different forms (1) Respiratory movement which creates pressure differences in the body cavities moves the lymph; (2) Muscle movement in the body which squeezes the Lymph along the vessels. Each vessel contains valves that allow the flow to go in one direction only; (3) the Lymph vessels themselves have thin muscle fibers in their composition that move in peristaltic movements; (4) Intestinal movement; (5) Continuous production of Lymph and the pressure behind it forces movement of Lymph Fluids in the system and (6) Difference in pressure in the Lymph Vessels at the tissue end and at the emptying end of the blood vessels in the Thoracic area.

Herbs such as Garlic, Onion, Pau d'Arco, Golden Seal, Echinacea and other foods containing organic sulphur are beneficial to the Immune/Lymphatic System. 

Vitamin C is also important to this system.

The best way to keep the Immune/Lymphatic System clean is to not suppress any discharge out of the body or any fever the body may develop. A Fever is the body's Immune System burning out toxins. By using medication to lower a fever we suppress the Immune System. Chlorinated drinking water and chlorinated swimming pools should be avoided as chlorine can also suppress the immune system.

Jogging moves the lymph and creates heat to burn 'rubbish' in the system. This is very beneficial to those with this ring in their iris.

Biochemic Cell salts: kali mur is the lymphatic salt. Ferrum Phosphate is good for the first sign of a fever or after the fever to replenish the iron reserves.

Avoid: Excess dairy, ice cream and cold milk which all tend to clog the lymphatic system. Hot A2 milk with cinnamon and cardamon are alright.

motional meaning:

It indicates an individual who is idealistic about social and environmental issues. They dislike disorder and strive to maintain or restore balance. They tend to put others/causes before self and can feel let down by others because of their high expectations. They are striving for a sense of togetherness of their social and family connections and for inner harmony. i.e. they are seeking stream qualities within themselves. (Note-the stream iris pattern is when the fibres are straight and close together. This type of person values close family bonds and social connections. Stream types are grounded and enjoy routine).

However harmony pattern types usually exhaust themselves trying to create this harmonious togetherness within and around them .It is present in 25-30% of irises, even in the dark irises.

Further info:

-denotes a sense of compassion and empathy for others, who sense this and confide in the harmony type. Strangers on the bus will tell often confide their story and leave feeling great, while the listener feels drained.

-They are very sensitive to loud sounds and any form of suffering in others and react strongly to conflict, family breakdowns or any other kind of environmental distress.

-are reactive to suffering around them and globally. They are particularly reactive to animals in distress. They feel driven to do something about the world, adopt causes and rush around as a community healer/helper. However their real power lies in finding inner peace and stillness. When they do this all around them are helped.

The Challenge:

Those with a harmony pattern usually don’t know where to draw the boundary between themselves and the world. Even when completely overburdened they will take on more tasks and have difficulty saying “no” to requests. This can go on to the point of being ridiculous and there may be an inner sartori-“I get it, this is getting me to learn to say no and to value my time and energy”. One of the important realizations for the harmony person is to value themselves equally with those around them. One image of a negative harmony pattern is that of an exhausted, overworked, underpaid social worker. Harmony patterns exhaust themselves trying to bring an unattainable perfection to this world, trying to overcome the limitations of earthly reality.

The origins of the harmony ring are genetic and related to lack of harmonious relationships in the family tree. (remember that the iris tissue is genetic). Particularly the pattern tends to link with the great grandmother #5 (FMM). She is the one who governs our immune system.

Painful family relationships and separations create a painful feeling of abandonment which is avoided by rushing around . Stillness will mean re-experiencing the pain. It may actually hurt to stop as the pain surfaces from the unconscious. Because the pattern began with a lack of bonding that is what these people devote their lives to! I.e. restoring connections and bonds on an individual, social and global level.

This is not only people but animals, trees, rivers or the whole planet. They adopt causes and support the leaders of these but often become broken hearted and let down when things don’t go as hoped or dreamed. The nature of their work will depend on their iris and birth order constitution and the stage of their evolution.

With too many setbacks harmony types actually create the very pattern they tried to heal i.e. isolation and withdrawal and a sense of being unconnected to those around them and the society. They may become cynical and pessimistic as their ideals are lost. They then tend to be critical, bitter and attacking of the state of the world or society.

The gift:

The harmony pattern types actually are able to transform others just by their presence. There is no need for frantic activity. When they are rested and happy all around them are benefited. When they are exhausted and unhappy others will leave them alone and avoid them.(This helps the harmony type rejuvenate!) A healthy, rested type who has learned to take care of self transmits a message of harmony, peace, brotherhood and joy. This message is delivered to many others at once via a subconscious empathy.


Stillness and singing and laughter!

Harmony types benefit from daily relaxation sessions-but may resist this because of their tendency to be on the move. (they may prefer aerobic classes).

Once they get in the habit of enjoying daily rest (apart from reading, T.V etc.) with the eyes closed, they will be more likely to continue with it.

Singing and listening to joyful music for 15 minutes/day.

Nurture immune system with rest and herbs like astragalus.

Protein nourishes their sense of being grounded and adds stream (connected and grounded) qualities to their being.

Cleansing remedies like chlorophyll and burdock are advised. Chlorophyll nourishes the blood and helps carry oxygen around the body.

Jogging or brisk walking to move the lymph- however not when exhausted !



Love of animals.

Sympathy for animals only.


Nat. Mur.

In homeopathy the milk medicines have some similarity with the harmony pattern. Both have the theme of trying to balance their own needs with that of the group to which they belong. With the harmony pattern there is the tendency to suppress one’s own needs in favor of the group.

In Rayid birth order the symbol of the immune system (lymph rosary) is the animal kingdom. Imagining animals drinking water has a healing effect on one’s immune system.

“A healthy harmony pattern is like a fountain of life purifying all of life. By singing and laughing and being happy and maintaining happy relationships around them, they are healing others that they may not even know.” Denny Johnson author of “What the Eye Reveals”

Note: Rajan Sankaran’s description of the remedy cocculus exactly matches the description of the harmony pattern.

I.e. “Caring and looking after people, suppressing her own feelings and desires. Sensitive to the suffering of others.”

“Anxiety for the health of others”.

It is the remedy for those that lose sleep from concern of others or looking after others.