You may not know about some of your grandparents but you can still use these symbols and qualities to form a relationship with each of them. The symbols act as a reminder of a grandparent. The symbols and appreciation and gratitude wake up the positive qualities of each grandparent and hence activates positive gene code in our being. 

Universal Qualities of Grandmothers:

Grandmother #1 (Father’s Mother/FM)

Universal Qualities: motherhood, the will to live, strength, stability,
foundation, cradle of life, preservation, nourishment.

Nature Symbols: earth, mineral kingdom, rocks, crystals, mountain,
mother bear, elephant, mother bird, kangaroo.


Grandmother #2 (Mother’s Mother/MM)

Universal Qualities: peace, tranquillity, fluidity, calmness, sensitivity,
softness, serenity, privacy, mystery, independence.

Nature Symbols: water, tranquil lake, moon, mist, cat, panther, mink, 
enchanted Fairy.


Grandmother #3 (Father’s Father’s Mother/FFM)

Universal Qualities: radiant health, firmness, stability, wisdom,
empathy, nurturing, balance, healing touch, optimism.

Nature Symbols: wood, trees, plant kingdom, wombat, buffalo, milking cow


Grandmother #4 (Mother’s Mother’s Mother/MMM)

Universal Qualities: unconditional love, grace, transcendent change,
allowing, receiving, motivation, transformation, forgiveness, mother and daughter bonding.

Nature Symbols: ocean, rose petals, bottle brush flower, butterfly, owl, sea turtle, 
cobra, wolf.

Grandmother #5 (Father’s Mother’s Mother/FMM)

Universal Qualities: unity of living things, gentle strength, compassion, mercy,

Nature Symbols: animal kingdom, dove, lamb, deer, giraffe, gentle brook,
ecosystems, migrating herd-flocks-schools of fish.

Grandmother #6 (Mother’s Father’s Mother/MFM)

Universal Qualities: spiritual oneness, silence, innocence, purity, inner
vision, serenity, sacredness.

Nature Symbols: snow, stars, ice crystals, baby harp seal, lamb, swan, Angel.

Universal Qualities of Grandfathers:

Grandfather #1 (Mother’s Father/MF)

Universal Qualities: breath, imagination, humility, inspiration,
creativity, innovation, sensitivity, gentleness.

Nature Symbols: air, wind, stars, clouds, grass, birds, koala.


Grandfather #2 (Father’s Father/FF)

Universal Qualities: courage, determination, passion, perseverance,
physical power and strength, achievement.

Nature Symbols:  fire, volcano, stallion, bull, tassie devil, badger.


Grandfather #3 (Mother’s Mother’s Father/MMF)

Universal Qualities: mental sharpness, mental clarity, awareness,
individuality, curiosity, strategizing.

Nature Symbols: metal, river, waterfall, fox, coyote,  falcon, monkey.


Grandfather #4 (Father’s Father’s Father/FFF)

Universal Qualities: joy, laughter, charisma, charm, generosity,
friendship, prosperity.

Nature Symbols: sun, thunder, lightning, lion, bull elk, peacock, parrot, dolphin.


Grandfather #5 (Mother’s Father’s Father/MFF)

Universal Qualities: genius, originality, perfection, creativity, artistry,
originality, solitude, innocence, beauty.

Nature Symbols: rainbow, diamond, sand, cactus flower, zebra,
antelope, rock carvings and natures art.


Grandfather #6 (Father’s Mother’s Father/FMF)

Universal Qualities: leadership, mastery, unifying power, action,
freedom, embodied oneness, benevolence.

Nature Symbols: earthquake, tsunami, majestic mountain peak,
elephant, eagle, grizzly bear, Gorilla, powerful spiritual master.